Brief Introduction to Sunon-Asogli Tema (Ghana) Power Plant
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Construction scale of Sunon-Asogli Tema (Ghana) Power Plant is 560 MW, which occupies 172,800 square meters, and Ghanaian side will offer the fuel imported from Nigeria. The first phase of construction 200 MW project is urgently underway, and by the end of 2008 the project will have been finished and put into commercial operation. The second phase of construction 360 MW project is scheduled for power generation in 2009. While completing the power plant and starting the power supply, the facility can effectively boost Ghanaian power supply in continuity, creating a great number of jobs to the local people.


The first phase of construction underway will be the combined cycle gensets Two Plus One Mode, namely, each unit will be equipped with 2 sets of GE 6B gas turbines, two double-pressure heat recovery boilers and one double-pressure steam turbines. In the first phase of construction, after overhauling, four units of GE 6B gas turbines owned by SEC, which are running respectively in Yueliangwan Power Plant and Zhuhai Hongwan Power Plant, will be removed to Ghana Asogli Tema Power Plant for installation, commissioning and connection to grid. Shenzhen Nanguang Power Co., Ltd. carried on construction contracts for the 4 units of turbines, including spare parts purchase, overhauling, disassembly and packing, fuel modification from oil to gas, installing and commissioning, updating control system, etc. The mission is the first construction item in which we sent team overseas for installation and commissioning, so it is a positive trial for Nanguang Power to step into the international market gradually, strengthening our base and accumulating experience to carry on similar contracting missions in foreign countries.


Sunon-Asogli Tema (Ghana) Power Plant is the first power project in Ghana jointly invested by Shenzhen Energy Corporation and China-Africa Development Fund. In 2007, depending on mature and profuse experience in power industry, Shenzhen Energy Investment Co., Ltd. cooperated with China-Africa Development Fund, an enterprise holding natural priority in investments in Africa, to invest and establish Sunon-Asogli Tema (Ghana) Power Co., Ltd., in which SEC holds 60% of shareholding while China-Africa Development Fund 40%. The established company is expected to invest and run a 560 MW gas-steam combined cycle power plant to improve the present serious power situation in Ghana. The project is not only an important step in the strategic development of SEC in Africa, but also a key measure for practicing the 8 measures made out in China-Africa Forum Beijing Summit Conference, for pushing forward new strategic cooperation between China and Africa, and for deepening China-Africa trading and technical cooperation. The construction project was much supported not only by both shareholders, but also by the governments of China and Ghana. Carrying the developing principle set by both sides of shareholders, situated at Ghana as a base, and facing the power market in West Africa, Sunon-Asogli Tema (Ghana) Power Co., Ltd. hopes to make its due contribution for power construction and economic development in Ghana and even the whole West Africa.


On April 18, 2008, the Opening Ceremony of Construction for Sunon-Asogli Tema (Ghana) Power Plant was grandly opened at Borne Village of Ghana Tema Industrial Zone. For celebration, Ghanaian President Kufuor, Vice President Mahama, Vice Speaker of Parliament, presidents chief consultant, Vice Minister of Energy Ministry, Governor of Great Accra, Governor of Volta, Mayor of Tema, and other advanced Ghanaian officials attended the site. Hu Deping, Chairman of China-Africa Civil Commerce Chamber, Yu Wenzhe, Chinese Ambassador in Ghana, Hu Yujie, Business Counselor, Nan Ling, Secretary-General of Shenzhen City, Gao Zhenming, Vice Director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration of Shenzhen, and Chi Jianxin, Chairman of China-Africa Development Fund were invited to attend the ceremony too.



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