Successful Accessing into the Grid and Smooth Completion of 96-hour Test Running for 6FA Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Equipment in Anji, Zhejiang
Author:Shi Jianqiang Source from:Nanguang Power0

The first no.3 gas turbine + steam turbine in the 6FA gas turbine power equipment set of the project stage II, which is a part of the NG and thermal associated power project of Amber (Anji) Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd., carried on by Nangang Power, was successfully accessed into the grid to supply power. In the process of adjusting and testing for an overall startup, all the units of installing, adjusting and testing, supervisor and equipment makers such as GE united and cooperated with each other, strictly complying with the requirements put forward by the startup commission, deploying unitedly, ensuring targets, dividing labors clearly, proceeding the adjusting and testing process in good order, and making the no.3 gas-steam turbine power equipment set successful one-time firing, successful one-time speed set and successful one-time access into the grid. The smooth proceeding of the project of the whole set of combined cycle turbines is ensured forcefully.

With the method of overall combined cycle, the power equipment set was started up the 96 hours (72+24) of test running at 16:18, May 16, 2014 and ended at 16:00, May 20, 2014, successfully completing the test running. All the technical and performance indexes were excellent, meeting the test running requirements, which indicates that the no.3 gas turbine combined cycle power equipment of Amber (Anji) Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd. is capable of putting into production.


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Photographer: Shi Jianqiang






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